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Micro-production, single-vineyard wines from Sonoma County

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We started Drive as a home winemaking project in a vintage auto garage. Through years of work in the vineyard, winery, and classroom; a hobby turned into a passion.


In single vineyard winemaking, the vineyards are the heroes.


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The Drive Wines Blog

Adventures in the wine trade. 
Is Zinfandel Red or White?

Is Zinfandel Red or White?

As a producer of two different styles of Zinfandel, we receive many questions about both of our wines: I didn’t know Zinfandel was red? Is White Zinfandel sweet? How can these both be Zinfandel? Is Zinfandel Red or White? Zinfandel Winemaking Let's begin by taking a...

Summer Pasta with Corn, Sausage and Basil

Summer Pasta with Corn, Sausage and Basil

Summer is quickly approaching and this is one of our favorite summer wine pairings; pasta with freshly shucked corn, sausage (optional) and fresh basil. Cheers to warmer days ahead! Serves 4-6  Pair with rosé or aromatic white wines. INGREDIENTS 1lb, short cut...

Braised Short Ribs & Zinfandel

Braised Short Ribs & Zinfandel

The recent cold, rainy weather has inspired us to continue making the hearty dishes we've been enjoying for most of the winter. Braised short ribs are the perfect treat; during times of social distancing, they provide nostalgia and the feel of a rustic meal with...


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