Puccioni Ranch

Located in Dry Creek Valley, in northern Sonoma County, Puccioni Ranch is farmed by 4th generation owner, Glenn Proctor. Zinfandel has been grown continuously at Puccioni since 1904. Like many historic Sonoma County vineyards, the ranch survived prohibition by selling grapes to home winemakers.

Tech Details:

Planted: 1904
Soil: Franciscan Complex
Rootstock: St. George
Elevation: 400-600′
Slope: West Facing

Wine: 2019 Zinfandel

Kobus Vineyard

Kobus Vineyard is located in the Russian River Valley region of Sonoma County. Russian River Valley is one of the top regions in the world for growing Pinot Noir. 2021 was our first vintage working with Martin Kobus and Chris Bergin, both extremely successful interior designers, who took on the challenge of returning this 1970’s era vineyard to its former glory.

Tech Details:

Soil: Alluvial, Yolo Series
Clone: Pommard
Elevation/Slope: Valley Floor
Rootstock: St. George

Wine: 2021 Rosé

Canihan Vineyard

Canihan Vineyard is located in the Sonoma Coast region of Sonoma County close to the town of Sonoma. This cooler climate site is home to 3.4 acres of Syrah, and a small block of Viognier. Canihan Vineyard is Certified Organic and in most years, dry farmed! 2019 was our first vintage working with Bill Canihan who is a second generation owner and farmer.

Tech Details:

Planted: 1998
Soil: Wright and Huichica Loam
Syrah Clone: 1
Rootstock: SO4
Elevation/Slope: Valley Floor

Wine: 2019 Syrah