This is a difficult time for all of us. It’s altered our routines, challenged our way of life and our health is under siege. Everyday our surroundings remind us of how dire things are. However, with each passing day, we also get a little stronger and one step closer to a return to normalcy.

The reach of this pandemic is widespread, affecting every country, industry, and individual. For the wine industry as a whole, this virus has reduced our ability to connect with people and spread our passion. In these difficult times we need to pull together and get creative. There are already signs of creativity in evolution. Restaurants are delivering unique, ever changing online menus through curbside pickup. Wineries are rolling out digital tastings, and local delivery. Companies are embracing telecommuting. We live in a digital world where we can maximize our resources, and this is the vehicle carrying us through this crisis. Despite the challenges, society continues to move forward.

Surrounded by negativity, silver linings abound. Friends and families are reconnecting via social media and videoconferencing (remember, this was the original goal of social media?). Friends are pursuing creative endeavors they’ve “never had time for”. We’ve developed a greater appreciation for everything that we have in this amazing world. We’re going to get through this, stronger and more united than before. Throughout history we’ve experienced setbacks of all sizes, as a society we’ve always risen to the challenge time and time again. We’ll come out of this with a new lust for life, one that we should never let go of. 

We started making wine together 5 years ago. The goal was not only to share in the creative process, but to also enjoy the fruits of our labor. Opening a bottle of wine, with a good meal, surrounded by the people we care for. Circumstances aside, our daily moment of clarity still comes when we sit down to dinner, with a glass of wine looking to unwind, connect and reflect. We hope that you’re able to find daily moments of clarity and connection through these challenging times, and we’re pretty sure for many of you it involves a glass of wine!

We look forward to the not so distant future when we can connect with you and share in this amazing journey of life. 

Looking forward to raising a glass with you soon,

John & Tom

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